Personalised Itineraries

Make it Your Way

For those who don't wish to follow the crowd, you can create your dream trip, combining multiple countries and destinations. From private planes to exclusive camps, wilderness walks to boating expeditions. If you want it, it can be made available.

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Explore Multiple Countries

Who said you are limited to one country for your safari? Africa is an incredibly diverse continent, so why not explore multiple destinations and experience all that Africa has to offer? With access to private aircraft we can offer you the most efficient way to get around, saving you time, adding to your comfort and eliminating most baggage restrictions.

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Luxurious Accommodation

Imagine being in the utmost comfort of some of the worlds best lodges, eating food that will tickle your taste buds, all while being placed in the best wilderness areas on the continent ensuring an all around magical adventure.

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Wonderous Wildlife

Our choice of lodges is not only for the fact that they are of the highest quality but also because they are placed in the best places to get up close and personal with wildlife. Located in private concessions and reserves, allows more freedom to get in touch with nature in ways you would be unable to anywhere else.


A Different View

We are able to offer you various activities that will allow you to view these gems of mother nature from a completely different perspective. Imagine taking a helicopter flip over the Okavango Delta or a hot air balloon over the Namib Desert. Let's add something unique to your itinerary.


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