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Numinous (adj.)

Describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted; the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.

Exclusive travel to the wildest yet luxurious parts of Africa, safely taking you to see the beauty of these spectacular landscapes in an intimate setting. Our trips ensure that you get away from the crowds by visiting Private Reserve and Concessions guaranteeing that you can enjoy the wildlife and landscapes as though you were the only ones there. You will be wined and dined by some of the most remarkable chefs, in the most dazzling of settings. You will laugh, have your breath taken away, experience moments of awe and know that you are in a place that your heart is free.


Privately Guided Adventures

“We’ve become strangers to nature. And the best way to live longer, healthier lives is to re-wild ourselves by returning to nature whenever we can.” – Daniel Vitalis


South Africa

A safari with a difference

8 Nights/9 Days

Along with the comforts of a traditional safari, all the incredible animals and the sunsets and stars, we will dive a little deeper into you.  With moments of silence that will fill your soul and allow you to connect with nature and yourself.

Primate Perfection

Into the Jungle we Go

9 Nights/10 Days

In the tropical rainforests of Africa live two primate species that will have you lost in a world of wonder. From the gentleness of the Mountain Gorilla to the excitement of the chimpanzees. This trip will leave you begging for more and in touch with your truest self.

Beautiful Botswana

The Garden of Eden

7 Nights/8 Days

Come and explore the wonder of the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti on a trip that can likened to the Garden of Eden. Exploring the incredible waterways of the Delta, by car boat and Makoro, leaving you breathless at the animal diversity and disconnecting you from the world.

Personalised Itineraries

Make it Your Way

For those who don't wish to follow the crowd, you can create your dream trip, combining multiple countries and destinations. From private planes to exclusive camps, wilderness walks to boating expeditions. If you want it, it can be made available.

Fine Art Prints

Add a little pice of the wild world to your home or office with these beautiful prints shipped to your door anywhere in the world.

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Limited Edition Prints